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The Wraith Movie Download

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a5c7b9f00b A mysterious figure suddenly appears to challenge a gang of motorhead thugs.
Packard Walsh and his motorized gang control and terrorize an Arizona desert town where they force drivers to drag-race so they can 'win' their vehicles. After Walsh stabs the decent teenager Jamie Hankins to death for being intimate with a girl whom Walsh wants for himself, the mysterious Jake Kesey arrives, an extremely cool motor-biker with an invincible car. Jake befriends Jamie's girlfriend Keri Johnson, takes Jamie's sweet brother Billy under his wing and manages what Sheriff Loomis can not - the methodical and otherworldly elimination of Packard's criminal gang.
A notorious drag racing gang kill an innocent guy named &#39;Jamie&#39;, there seems to be no justice and the little town is continuously terrorised, until a stranger arrives, with a mysterious car.<br/><br/>I watched this at the age of 10, one night…Unaware of what the film has in store, I was captivated by the mysterious Jake who comes to town and takes Bill, brother of the murdered teen under his wing….And then the phantom vehicle of death drives onto screen killing all those responsible for the death of Jamie.<br/><br/>It&#39;s an 80&#39;s film, yes…But for a person who has no idea what the 80&#39;s were like…It seems that this film was definitely a survivor of the era.
Well, this movie is one of those half-forgotten gems of this cool decade. As a child I use to rent this movie over and over again but then I forgot it&#39;s name when I grew older. Recently, when I started to look for old cult 80s, I stumbled upon this little nice saga. The story is ridiculous but quite entertaining (I love revenge ;)) and there are many strange plot-holes through the whole movie. So why bother renting or buying this old s*** you may ask? Well if you are a child of the 80s and saw it back then, it can bring back some nice memories. If you are from that time but have not seen it, you MUST see it. Everyone else, just see it and enjoy a movie with one of the greatest cars ever on screen. For those who have seen it I just must make some statements of some of the major flaws in the film. How come that the police just let the thugs steal all the nerds cars in a small town like this? (very strange) And why don&#39;t the stupid morons see that they&#39;re next to die on the list when their buddies fall off one buy one. No fear at all…=) Well… all and all a funny flash-back. You know from like ten minutes into the movie how the end will be, but you&#39;ll KEEP on looking…
Mr. Cassavetes is effectively black-hearted, and makes a striking figure, and Randy Quaid does a lot with the underdeveloped role of a local sheriff. Mr. Marvin directs at a brisk pace, but his screenplay, though lively, seems to be written in an alien language.

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